misunderstanding each other since 2003


Creative Encounter and Staged Readings


International network for playwrights The Fence, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom, and Dutch Performing Arts are together collaborating on Boom! a new project that explores the shared heritage of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, while looking to the future.

A diverse group of three UK and four Dutch playwrights met together in December 2019 in Rotterdam, to encounter each other, learn about their shared colonial history and begin to explore what might be interesting to each of them to write about.

The playwrights will then spend the rest of December and January developing their own plays, with translation and then dramaturgical work on material submitted taking place in February, with rewrites in March.

The outcome will be an afternoon of staged readings in London for 20-minute pieces April 25th/26th 2020. These will be either short plays or extracts from longer works as a work-in-progress. English will be the working language, but the Dutch playwrights will write in Dutch.
the Boom! Team - 7 writers working on 6 projects (Jude & Gable are working jointly together).

  • Maaike Bergstra (NL)
  • Neske Beks (NL)
  • Jude Christian (UK)
  • Enver Husicic (NL)
  • Uma Nada-Rajah (UK)
  • Chinoyerem Odimba (UK)
  • Gable Roelofsen (NL)

Further Project Scope

To create a wider debate connecting the UK and Netherlands, Boom! will collaborate with Dash Arts at Rich Mix on the evening of Wednesday April 22nd, as part of the successor programme to their 2019 Eutopia season of Dash Cafes.

While Boom! is structured as a deliverable stand-alone project, we are approaching UK and Dutch partners to ascertain their interest and potential involvement.

In addition to the activity scheduled we might also consider:

  • While the pilot is for 7 playwrights and 6 short pieces / extracts, if there is interest from producing companies, these could be scaled up.
  • And while the project is currently just for participants from the UK and the Netherlands, it could be expanded to include for instance South African and/or other European participants.
  • The focus in the pilot is tilted towards showcasing Dutch playwrights' work in the UK; in the future this could lead to a more reciprocal project.

Boom! Is curated by Jonathan Meth as Producer-Dramaturg.