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Future Meetings of the Fence

Meetings happen through collaboration and planning around a small core team based in-country and/or as part of the diaspora.

Conversations are in progress around:

  • Graz, Austria June 12-16th 2019 (Edith Draxl)
  • Atlanta, USA – 2019 - (Rachel Parrish)
  • Mexico – 2020 - (with the Literary Managers and dramaturgs of the Americas - LMDA)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – (Kim Komljanec)
  • Cetinje, Montenegro - (Dragana Tripkovic)
  • Novi Sad, Serbia – (Milan Vracar, Milena Bogovac, Milan Govedarica)
  • Larissa, Greece – (Andreas Flourakis)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria – (Dimitar Uzunov, Kamelia Nikolova)
  • La Charité sur Loire, France – (Alain Foix, Philippe le Moine)
  • South Africa – (Sara Shaarawi, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Mike van Graan)

If you are interested in helping to organise these or other future meetings, please get in touch here.

Future projects

Projects can be initiated from anywhere across the network.

 London – February 2019 – (Sarah Grochala) – symposium on European plays in translation, with Eurodram and Central School of Speech & Drama)