misunderstanding each other since 2003

Boom! Creative Encounter and Staged Readings from UK and Dutch playwrights

The Fence, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom, and Dutch Performing Arts are together collaborating on Boom! a new project that explores the shared heritage of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, while looking to the future. A diverse group of three UK and four Dutch playwrights have begun meeting together to encounter each other, learn about their shared colonial history, and to explore what might be interesting to each of them to write about.

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About Fence Projects

The Hopper ProjectFence members come together to generate a variety of theatre projects.

They decide what they want to do and with whom. Fence projects can come from anyone and anywhere across the network. Some have been collaborative writing projects; in some cases Fence members have translated each other's work for subsequent commercial production or festival performance; some projects have been pilot or full-scale productions.

Past Fence projects and collaborations

2019 Die Berater, Theater Matte, Bern. Commercial production of Ulrike Syha's translation of Neil Fleming's play The Consultant
2018 Festival du Mort, La Charité sur Loire
2018 Sight/Unseen, London
2018 Plays for Young People 2, Hong Kong
2017 Ireland Has Struck Oil, London
2017 Hopper Project, La Charité sur Loire
2016 Plays for Young People 1, Hong Kong
2013-ongoing Collaborations with Eurodram, the European theatre translation network
2013 Malaysia
2013 Swimming Pool, Avignon. Co-written theatre
2013 Non, Rome. Co-written theatre
2012 Erasmus partnership: Graz, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Brighton
2010 HotInk New York: plays in translation
2008 HotInk theatre festival, New York: plays in translation
2005-6 Janus Project: plays in translation performed at Leeds, Tampere, Amsterdam and Graz