misunderstanding each other since 2003

Network Structure

The Fence started as a British-ignited enterprise and has since grown to be owned by everyone across the network.

Since 2018 The Fence has been head-quartered in Stockholm and formally registered as a Swedish organisation.

The Fence is curated / directed by Jonathan Meth. The current (since 2017) Board comprises: Oladipo Agboluaje, Fred Fortas, Amelia Parenteau, Aiste Ptakauske, Edward (Buffalo) Bromberg, and Sara Shaarawi.

The Fence is a non-profit organisation registered in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish company number 802513-7962

Purpose of the Fence

Alain KazThe Fence was founded on the core principles of:

  • the importance of the playwright
  • that in practice, diversity and mobility are the same thing
  • and that through engagement with others our own work develops.

The network exists as a space to think, to be and to do.

The Fence aims to open up routes to work opportunities for playwrights seeking to extend their work beyond their own national and infrastructural boundaries.

The founding aim was to create a network that was based primarily on relationships, rather than scripts and translations, that would enable people to come together and work out for themselves what they wanted to do together.