misunderstanding each other since 2003

Working With the Fence

Dimitar Usunov workshop Cairo 2018

Fence member Dimitar Usunov with workshop students in Cairo, 2018

As a mature network, now 15 years old, which has held 25 network meetings to date, The Fence can offer:

  • Workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Surgeries
  • Master classes
  • Diverse models of practice

Across multiple Fence meetings, working with local theatre organisations, universities and teaching institutions, we have offered workshops and classes in: Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Teaching skills, Translation, Professional development planning, Wider cultural landscapes, Cultural mobility, Intercultural Dialogue, Cultural policy contexts, Internationalising practice, Negotiation, Togetherness, Collaboration, How to work in partnership, and Catalytic Processes.