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7. Graz, 2006

The Fence met as part of the second of The Janus showcases in Graz.

The readings took place in the context of the Interpretationssache new writing festival and were staged at the Schauspielhaus in Graz and at the Schloss Retzhof. The chosen plays were:

  • Kokkola by Leah Klemola (Finland)
  •  Nebo (Heaven) by Nikita Mitskevitch (Belarus)
  •  Dog House by Youri Datchev (Bulgaria)
  •  Romania 21 by Stefan Peca (Romania)
  •  Nowhere for Now by Ana Lasic (Slovenia/Serbia)
  •  Pansen (Pens) by Judith de Rijke (Netherlands)

Nikita Mitskevitch's Heaven was given a public rehearsed reading at the Schauspielhaus, accompanied by an introduction by the author, who could not be present, on video.

The other plays were presented in the rooms of the Schloss Retzhof, with staging designed by fine artists who collaborated with the playwrights and directors during the rehearsal process.

Discussion and Exploration

Fence participants were given a grounding in the new writing landscape in Graz by a series of talks at the Schauspielhaus and Literatur Haus.

Following the Showcases at the Retzhof, the Fence and Janus participants explored the process of the translation and production of the Janus plays with the directors, artists, actors, playwrights and translators involved.

Participants in Graz, March 2006

  • Dieter Boyer, director, Austria
  • Manfred Weissensteiner, Austria
  • Uschi Strauss, Austria
  • Johannes Schrettle, playwright, Austria
  • Ernst Logar, artist, Austria
  • David Kleinl, Austria
  • Christian Eisenberger, artist, Austria
  • René Stessl, Austria
  • Alexander Sitzmann, translator, Austria
  • Gerhild Steinbuch, playwright, Austria
  • Bernhard Studlar, playwright, Austria
  • Ewald Palmetshofer, playwright, Austria
  • Edith Draxl, Uni-T, Austria
  • Birgit Logar, Uni-T, Austria
  • Sonja Friedrich, Austria
  • Evelyn Tschernko, Austria
  • Wolfgang Rappel, Austria
  • Youriy Datchev, playwright, Bulgaria
  • Simona Snajperkova, dramaturg/ translator, Czech Republic
  • Riitta Seppala, Finland
  • Leea Klemola, playwright, Finland
  • Andreas Flourakis, playwright, Greece
  • Anja Krans,TIN, Holland
  • Judithde Rijke,playwright, Holland
  • Malgorzata Semil, translator/literary manager, Poland
  • Jose Maria Vieira Mendes, playwright, Portugal
  • Alexandru Burceanu, director, Romania
  • Peca Stefan, playwright, Romania
  • Zuzana Ulicianska, playwright, Slovakia
  • Ana Lasic, playwright, Slovenia/Serbia
  • Kemal Basar, director, Turkey
  • Linda Brogan playwright UK
  • Sarah Dickenson, dramaturg/writernet, UK
  • Sarah Punshon, director, UK
  • Daniel Bye, director/Silver Tongue, UK
  • Oliver Emanuel, playwright, UK
  • Jacqueline Bolton student dramaturg UK
  • Alan Lane, director/ Slung Low, UK
  • Jonathan Meth, director, writernet UK
  • Alex Chisholm, West Yorkshire Playhouse, UK
  • Neil Fleming, playwright/translator, UK
  • Sara Clifford, playwright, UK
  • Penny Black translator/ playwright, UK
  • Milan Govedarica, producer, UK / Serbia
  • Catherine Coray, The Lark USA

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