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8. Leeds, 2006

May 2006

Dein Projekt liebt dich The Fence met as part of the third of The Janus showcases in Leeds at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, at the Northern Exposure festival. The plays chosen for showcased readings were:

  • Theremin by Petr Zelenka (Czech Republic)
  • Antelopes by Andreas Flourakis (Greece)
  • Welcome Home World (Dein Projekt Liebt Dich) by Johannes Schrettle (Austria)
  • Dear Dad by Milena Bogovac (Serbia)
  • Joachim and Nana by Marielle van Sauers (Nertherlands)
  • Ah Tamar by Cem Duzova (Turkey)

The plays were given semi-staged readings in the Courtyard Theatre at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Dein Projekt Liebt Dich

Short excerpts of the other plays translated as part of the Janus project were performed in English as curtain-raisers to the readings by students from the University of Leeds.
 Informal Scratch Night sessions were held in the Playhouse's rehearsal space, giving opportunities to participants to share current work informally with one another.
 Much of this was translated and performed by other members of the network.
 Fence participants also visited Theatre in the Mill in Bradford where work-in-progress from resident artists Lost Dog Theatre Company and Lucy Ellison was presented, and watched a dress-rehearsal of Bus by Mark Kirkby, a play exploring the clashes between the two worlds of contemporary Leeds.

Alex Directing


Discussion and Exploration

Public discussions were held after each of the Janus readings, exploring the translation process each of the pieces underwent, and gathering feedback from audiences.

A further discussion on the central area of exploration for the Janus project, Cultural Diversity and Cultural Identity in European Playwriting , was held involving Fence members and other participants, chaired by playwright and literary manager, Christopher Rodriguez.

Alex Chisholm directing

The Fence also met to reflect on the Janus project and make suggestions for the Future for Janus and The Fence

This section presents the edited transcripts of those talks, meetings and discussions:

  • Participants in Leeds 2006
  • The plays chosen for readings (including synopses and post-show discussions)
  • Cultural Diversity and Cultural Identity in European Playwriting Part 1
  • Cultural Diversity and Cultural Identity in European Playwriting Part 2
  • The Future for Janus and the Fence Part 1
  • The Future for Janus and the Fence Part 2
  • The Future for Janus and the Fence Participant Introductions

Participants in Leeds, May 2006

  • Birgit Logar, UniT, Austria
  • Dieter Boyer, director, Austria
  • Edith Draxl, Janus Project Partner, UniT, Austria
  • Evelyn Tschernko, UniT, Austria
  • Ewald Palmetshofer, playwright/UniT, Austria
  • Johannes Schrettle, playwright, Austria
  • Andrei Kureichyk, playwright, Belarus
  • Kamelia Nikolova, theatre professor, Bulgaria
  • Sonja Novak, student, Croatia
  • Vedrana Stakic, student, Croatia
  • Jitka Sloupova, literary agent/ translator, Czech Republic
  • Petr Zelenka, playwright, Czech Republic
  • Leea Klemola, playwright, Finland
  • Riitta Seppalla, Janus Project Partner, Director of Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Finland
  • Claudia Gabler, playwright, Germany
  • David Lindemann, playwright/ dramaturg, Germany
  • Werner Paul Brodowsky, playwright, Germany
  • Andreas Flourakis, playwright, Greece
  • Anja Krans, Janus Project Partner, Theatre Institute of the Netherlands, Holland
  • Anne Marielle van Sauers, playwright, Holland
  • Judith de Rijke, playwright, Holland
  • Judith Wendel, dramaturg, Holland
  • Saskia Huybrechtse, theatre maker, Holland
  • Janos Hay, playwright, Hungary
  • Vincent Woods, playwright, Ireland
  • Aiste Ptakauskaite, playwright, Lithuania
  • Margorzata Semil, dramaturg/translator, Poland
  • Joana Frazao, theatre programmer, Portugal
  • Jose Maria Vieira Mendes, playwright, Portugal
  • Alexandru Berceanu, director, Romania
  • Andreea Valean, playwright, Romania
  • Stefan Peca, playwright, Romania
  • Marija Stojanovic, playwright/translator, Serbia
  • Milena Bogavac, playwright, Serbia
  • Milos Kreckovic, dramaturg, Serbia
  • Jure Rudolf, producer, Slovenia
  • Cem Duzova, playwright, Turkey
  • Charles Mulekwa , playwright, Uganda
  • Alan Lane, Slung Low/ The Mill/West Yorkshire Playhouse, UK
  • Alex Chisholm, Project Partner, Literary Manager, West Yorkshire Playhouse, UK
  • Alice Nutter, playwright, UK
  • Alys Torrance, Hi Veld, UK
  • Amanda Roberts, producer, Birmingham Rep, UK
  • Anne-Marie Draycott, administrator,Writernet, UK
  • Annette Brook, writernet intern, UK
  • Ben Payne, Associate Director, Birmingham Rep, UK
  • Chris Thorpe, playwright, UK
  • Colin Buckle, Script Yorkshire, UK
  • Dan Bye, Silver Tongue, UK
  • Daniel Wagstaffe, Script Yorkshire , UK
  • Eamon Rooney, playwright, UK
  • Gabriel Gbadamosi, playwright, UK
  • Gadi Roll, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, UK
  • Hamish Glen, Artistic Director, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, UK
  • Holly Kendrick, Director, National Student Drama Festival, UK
  • Iain Bloomfield, Artistic Director, Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, UK
  • Jack Meredith, student dramaturg, UK
  • Jacqueline Bolton, dramaturg/ PhD Student, University of Leeds/ West Yorkshire Playhouse, UK
  • Jess Inzani, student dramaturg, UK
  • Jodie Marshall, playwright, UK
  • Jonathan Meth, Project Partner, Director, Writernet, UK
  • Julie Ellen, Creative Director, Playwrights Studio Scotland, UK
  • Kara McKechnie, University of Leeds, UK
  • Kerrie Leyland, student dramaturg, UK
  • Laura MacKay, student dramaturg, UK
  • Lily Bourne, student dramaturg, UK
  • Lindsay Ashton, student dramaturg, UK
  • Lynn Crosby, Script Yorkshire, UK
  • Marcia Layne, playwright, UK
  • Mark Catley, playwright, UK
  • Mark Kirkby, playwright, UK
  • Mary Cooper, Script Yorkshire, UK
  • Matt Aston, Lakeside Arts Centre, UK
  • Michael Stewart, playwright, Script Yorkshire, UK
  • Neil Fleming, playwright/translator, UK
  • Nicola MacKenzie, student dramaturg, UK
  • Oliver Emanuel, playwright, Silver Tongue, UK
  • Penny Black, translator, UK
  • Peter Arnott, playwright, Scotland, UK
  • Phil Porter, playwright, UK
  • Richard Warburton, Lost Dog Theatre Company, UK
  • Sara Clifford, playwright, writernet, UK
  • Sarah Dickenson, dramaturg, writernet, UK
  • Sarah Punshon, director, UK
  • Tajinder Singh Hayer, playwright, UK
  • Julek Neumann, translator, UK/Czech Republic
  • Lucy Hind, Hi Veld, UK/SAR
  • Ozgun Akbaba, musician, UK/Turkey
  • Serdar Bilis, director/Liverpool Everyman, UK/Turkey
  • Alison Watt, playwright, UK
  • Chris Bridgeman, North West Playwrights, UK
  • Christian Winkler, director/ student, UK/Austria
  • David Overend, Lit Assistant, Traverse Theatre, Scotland, UK
  • Liz Ryan, playwright, UK
  • Sheila McAnulty, North West Playwrights, UK
  • Christopher Rodriguez, playwright/ Literary Manager, Talawa, UK
  • Catherine Coray, actor/teacher, New York, USA

Additional Resources from Leeds

A Fence Discussion: Cultural Diversity and Cultural Identity in European Theatre Writing

A Fencve Discussion: The Future of the Janus Project/Future of the Fence